The first ever DIY floral arranging subscription box!

Beyond The Box

Oh how we love an autumn wedding. The weather, the lighting, the smell in the air is just right. And so is the array of flowers that can be put to work.
Rather than having your little one gift their teacher—whether for back to school, holidays or just because—with the typical apple or even a bunch of flowers, have them help create a meaningful piece that will definitely earn a place of distinction on the teacher’s desk.
With the hectic pace of school gearing up again (at last!), offices opening on some level and general lazy days of summer almost in our rear view, we still need to remember to stop and smell the roses—and other flowers.
Flower arranging is as scientific as it is artistic—and like any scientist or artist, a budding floral stylist needs an expert set of tools to do the job just right.
Flowers make strong statements in many ways, from the distinct shape of their petals to their lingering fragrance to their bold and bright colors. It’s almost counterintuitive, then, how fleeting some of these delicate blooms can be. Still, caring for them properly can go a long way toward making them long (or longer) lasting.
From Zoom meetings to planning family menus to girls night out (in person or virtual), your days, your weeks, your months sail away with little to no me-time in the mix. Good thing that August is tagged as national wellness month to kick into gear getting all-so-important self-care on the agenda.
Everywhere you look—from fields, to yards, to urban gardens—flowers are in their full and brightest displays. It’s summer, after all, and like the rest of us, they have come out to play. The choices of what to trim from the garden or focus on at the floral market seem almost limitless and make for a very tough (but ultimately fun!) decision.
Alfresco parties are a staple in summer. And planning one is simple with the advantage of all the season has to offer, including warm weather, farm fresh ingredients, summer friendly activities, decor and related themes. Taking inspiration from our friends across the Atlantic pond, for instance, who are serious about their summer gardens, means lots of ideas for floral entertaining and decor.
Flower crowns are at once fashion statements and festive accessories. They are also a quintessential DIY project to do for yourself, with friends, with little ones or for others. What kind of engagement is respectable to wear a flower crown? There are no royal rules here—wear one to a dinner party, to a beach date, at a concert or, of course, during spring festival season—you’ve got almost a year to practice for that!