The Meaning of Flowers - July


by Samantha Felner

As we welcome the warm summer weather with open arms and breezy sundresses, July bestows upon us an abundance of meaningful moments. Whether we gather for a lively family barbeque, summer soiree, or simply embrace outdoor activities with loved ones, flowers can become a delightful expression of our deepest sentiments.

Our July arrangement is carefully curated to express the joy and appreciation this summer season. Imagine this bouquet taking center stage as a breathtaking centerpiece for a special event or as an overflowing arrangement to bring in hand as a thank you to hosts and hostesses. And for those seeking to create unforgettable memories, immerse yourself and others in a Bouquet Box experience, where you can gather with special people, and engage in the blissful activity of arranging flowers to ring in the summer celebrations.

As much as we admire the aesthetic appeal of flowers, let us also recognize the underlying meanings they hold. The language of flowers, commonly known as floriography, unveils a rich history that dates back centuries. Referring back to an earlier post of ours, it is evident that each flower, hue, and bouquet arrangement have been assigned deeper messages and are meant to convey emotions for both givers and receivers. Floriography is a reminder that profound language and communication exists far beyond the written word.

Our array of flowers this month demonstrates the richness of varying shades of roses that express pleasure, intertwined with hot pink ranunculus symbolizing admiration. The bold color palette of pinks and peaches can provide a striking and picturesque contrast against lush green stems and a summer landscape.

As we revel in the height of the season, let the blossoming July arrangement be a reminder of cherished moments with family and friends.

Peach Roses Gratitude
Hot Pink Roses Happiness
Bi-Color Roses Unity
Pink Garden Roses Appreciation
Hot Pink Ranunculus Admiration