The Meaning of Flowers

When nature dreamed up flowers, it could not have created prettier packaging. Then civilized cultures paired these petal-centric pieces with hidden and meaningful messages. (And we thought we could not love flowers more.) This perfect partnering is known as the language of flowers, with emblematic meaning rooted in history and lore.

Back When

The meaning/language of flowers has been around for hundreds, even thousands of years. The Greeks tied the meaning of flowers to mythology and Greek gods. The Japanese called the language of flowers Hanakotoba, which used secret codes and colors to convey messages. The Victorians termed it floriography, a popular way to send secret messages with a bouquet.

Beyond Beauty

Today, no matter the moniker or the evolution of original fodder, flowers remain dripping in symbolism. Don’t get us wrong—we could stare at flowers all day long, just because. But we also admire what makes them so much more than just the fruits of a professionally cultivated farm, a well-tended garden or a successful trip to the flower market.

Thoughtful Selections

The next time flowers are on the shopping agenda, consider how they pull double-duty. The plan may be to select flowers for an event—like a wedding. To give as a gift. Or to plant in the garden. Either way, remember your picks are brimming with opportunity to make a true statement. So research before you go and keep checking back here. As each of our new arrangements drops, we will share what made our flower choices equally design-worthy and meaningful.

March Meaning

Each Bouquet Box design is based on color, texture, shape and the season—but we also recognize the feelings each of our flowers convey. Take our March Sherbert Dream arrangement: The plumes of the Bells of Ireland sway and flow among the clusters of roses, dianthus and hydrangeas. What’s also frolicking throughout this floral artistry? Positive messaging of appreciation as well as dreams and hopes for the future. Perfect vibes for an arrangement designed for spring and a season that’s all about renewal, youth and the beauty of new beginnings.

PEACH ROSE sincerity and gratitude
MINI GREEN HYDRANGEA heartfelt emotions
BELLS OF IRELAND prosperity and wealth