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Beyond The Box

With the hectic pace of school gearing up again (at last!), offices opening on some level and general lazy days of summer almost in our rear view, we still need to remember to stop and smell the roses—and other flowers.
Everywhere you look—from fields, to yards, to urban gardens—flowers are in their full and brightest displays. It’s summer, after all, and like the rest of us, they have come out to play. The choices of what to trim from the garden or focus on at the floral market seem almost limitless and make for a very tough (but ultimately fun!) decision.
In the throes of summer, yellow flowers make sense. After all, they are the color of sunshine and bring warmth to any arrangement. Like we said, they work for the season. And they blend beautifully with a plethora of other colors, like oranges and whites to name a few, to create displays that are upbeat and happy, which is another nod to summer when the warm weather and sunshine naturally makes people feel good.
As June teeters between spring and summer, so does its resulting often off-kilter personality. It dances around specifics in style, entertaining, amusement and more—while we play the silly little game, relishing in what both sides have to offer.
With a plethora of spring blooms to create arrangements with, it’s sometimes hard to decide which to use. Consider going beyond the color, variety and fragrance alone—and infuse a little meaning into your bouquets.
One way to think of flowers to bring into your home or send as a gift and a way we often consider blooms is to pay attention to their meanings. As we have written before, flowers have a long history of beautiful, purposeful messaging that still, at some level, holds true today.
When nature dreamed up flowers, it could not have created prettier packaging. Then civilized cultures paired these petal-centric pieces with hidden and meaningful messages. (And we thought we could not love flowers more.) This perfect partnering is known as the language of flowers, with emblematic meaning rooted in history and lore.