The Meaning of Flowers - March

Time has a funny way of continuing to march on and at no point might that be as obvious as when February glides into March and we peek the folding of winter into the delightful awakenings of spring.

The colder season might take hold of many March moments, although spring still stakes its claim and mindsets change even if the calendar has not quite. We here at Bouquet Box are certainly guilty of that thinking, as is apparent with our March Paradise arrangement, heralding in warmer weather and new beginnings all month long. The mix of bright and hearty blooms coupled with the symbolism of the flowers, sends a clear message that we are tucking winter away until next year and greedily welcoming the new season.

Like all of our arrangements before, the blooms are thoughtfully considered for their colors and textures, how they dance and mingle together in the vase as well as the meaningful language they whisper to all who are privy to their history and lore. For this arrangement, we embraced the happiness of new beginnings and the understanding of what a fresh start can mean. We looked for appreciation and gratitude for what the times ahead can bring.

So whether you enjoy flowers for how they look or what they say or revel in it all, our message to you is: Happy spring!

PURPLE HYDRANGEA understanding
ORANGE ROSE support, happiness
PINK GARDEN ROSE gratitude, appreciation
PINK LISIANTHUS romance, affection

Ps. Our March arrangement is now sold out — hoping you are lucky enough to be receiving soon. If not please shop for other months and Bouquet Box subscriptions so you don’t miss out!