Meaning of Flowers - August

By Samantha Felner

As July sashays into August, the month invites us to savor and cherish its long-lasting days that linger in the moments before the summer gracefully begins to fade away. This season, with blossoms abundantly available whether at the farmers’ market, your own garden or with your Bouquet Box delivery, consider integrating flowers into everyday spaces as well as those special occasions. Wake up in the morning to a fragrant bouquet of roses dotted with lively anemones on a bedside table or festoon outdoor gatherings with vibrant centerpieces.

Flowers, in their silent eloquence, have the ability to share an abundance of messages, a language which has delved deeper in some of our previous posts. This floral language is always incorporated in Bouquet Box arrangements, including this month where the mixed shades of roses symbolize enchantment and joyful energy, arranged with petals known to mean genuineness, together evocative of lush August mornings beckoning the excitement of a new day to be experienced.

Consider using the Bouquet Box Experience for a get-together with friends and family before the summer season comes to a close once more– and be sure to place an order before this beautiful bouquet sells out.

Lavender Rose Fascination
Hot Pink Rose Happiness
Deep Purple Rose Respect
White Anemones Sincerity