Florals for Elevated Summer Events

by Samantha Felner

Summer days and nights means spending time with friends and family among a tapestry of food, drink, love, laughter, and warm breezes. From garden tea parties to elegant poolside soirees, it is also all about the attention to detail—specifically fabulous floral arrangements to dress the tables and enhance the settings. Here, some ideas to get you in the mood to entertain.

Table Centerpieces

Transform your dining table into a veritable designer garden: Whether it’s a few sunflower clad vases lining the center, a runner of vibrant roses draped over the table edges or an overflowing vase of pastel hydrangeas to escalate your summer dining experience.

Hanging Flower Garlands

Floral garlands have the ability to turn any outdoor summer party into a fairytale event. Hanging from trees, along fences or over the dining area, these floral swags create a beautifully romantic atmosphere. Just one look we like: String together wisteria flowers with white lobelia to provide the perfect contrast against a lush green setting.

Floating Floral Arrangements

For a poolside party, floating delicate blooms such as lotus flowers, water lilies or roses along with flickering candles creates a dreamy backdrop for cocktails and conversation. Place blooms and votives in floral foam blocks or a shallow waterproof container before you cast off. If your event is sans pool, create a similar water show with oversized bowls filled with water and placed at the entry and on dining tables.

Floral Accents in Drinks

No matter if you are serving lemonade, a signature cocktail or other classic potables, kick guests’ glasses up a notch by adding an artistic touch with fresh flower garnishes. Delicate petals of edible flowers such as lavender or hibiscus added to the rim, floating atop liquid or frozen inside ice cubes, elevate any drink.