The first ever DIY floral arranging subscription box!

Beyond The Box

The holiday season is rich with traditions, symbolism and meaning—played out what seems like every turn. That might be music floating by as the invisible accompaniment on a shopping spree, favorite recipes coming to life and conjuring up the fondest tableside memories or a dangling mistletoe branch that guarantees a moment of tenderness in an otherwise bustling and busy time.
One very good reason to be thankful during the holidays is being able to spend time with family and friends. And now that many of our celebrations can be in person this year, we are even more thrilled when loved ones can stay for more than just the evening. One way to show thanks to guests who have come from near and far is with these perfect take-home gifts.
With the heralding of the holiday season, meaningful moments abound. Whether it’s fawning over decor and meal plans, unpacking cherished memories that cast their annual festive glow or prepping details in anticipation for new memories to be made. 
As we recently kissed summer goodbye, the occasional brush of her warm breeze may linger but the autumn landscape has taken hold. Green leaves are restyling into golds, reds and oranges soon to dangle before fluttering from their branches’ grasp. Flowers also speak to the fall season, with a plethora of vibrant hues that put us in the mood for shorter days, cooler nights, warm drinks and festive holidays that beckon.
One thing we love almost as much as flowers is fashion. Imagine our obsession when the two are combined, whether on the red carpet or in our wardrobe. It’s everything.
Rather than having your little one gift their teacher—whether for back to school, holidays or just because—with the typical apple or even a bunch of flowers, have them help create a meaningful piece that will definitely earn a place of distinction on the teacher’s desk.
Up your gift-giving factor with wrapping that’s worthy of the thoughtful contents inside. This simple DIY adds a floral touch that transforms store bought paper and ribbon and almost makes the packaging look too good to open—almost.
Recently, as winter’s final breaths faded away and we welcomed the gentle climb into spring, birds began to sing, moods lifted and, our absolute favorite—blossoms began to appear.
When nature dreamed up flowers, it could not have created prettier packaging. Then civilized cultures paired these petal-centric pieces with hidden and meaningful messages. (And we thought we could not love flowers more.) This perfect partnering is known as the language of flowers, with emblematic meaning rooted in history and lore.