Add a little texture and a pop of color to any arrangement

Certainly nature has provided an abundance of petal shapes, colors and sizes as well as myriad greenery to create spectacular arrangements. Still, even the most expertly designed bouquets, like those from Bouquet Box, might realize even more of a wow factor with the addition of something a little extra.

One of Courtney’s favorite tips that she learned from Mark at Mark’s Garden is to “add a little bit of fruit to an arrangement.” Courtney was first privy to this maneuver when she was going over the designs Mark’s Garden was putting together for her own wedding—and they used baby artichokes as part of the display. And while Courtney is all about the flowers, the artichokes ended up being a most favorite detail!

To add some fruits or veggies and a pop of color and texture to your display, Courtney recommends this: Using barbeque skewers—available at a local supermarket—pierce the bottom of a small piece of fruit (nothing too big so it isn’t too heavy to easily stay upright). She likes using clementines, baby apples and pears, lemons, limes, mini artichokes, even baby pineapples! Once you’ve pierced the fruit, then stick the other side of the skewer into the arrangement, the same way as you would a flower stem and voila! Depending on the size of the arrangement, use 2, 3, 4 or even five fruits/veggies. Just look for any spaces in your arrangement where they will fit or work best.

Give it a try and let us know how it works—we would love to hear from you!