A few fun ways to decorate for your Galentine’s get-together

Grabbing a bunch of girlfriends to celebrate your love for each other this year? Amazing idea. Delicious take out, check. Fabulous (and plentiful) bottles of wine, check. Some flower decor (flowers are the language of love, after all) aside from your Bouquet Box centerpiece to set the stage and create amazing photo ops in the process, of course! And we are going to show you just how to do it.

Rose Decked Photo “Booth”

Rose Decked Photo “Booth”

Make the perfect frame in which guests can snap pictures and selfies—like a pint-sized photo booth. This project is perfect for one oversized frame that can be set up for group shots or make a few smaller ones for selfies, duos and trios too.

To make, you will need frames, paint (to match your theme or flowers), flowers, shears, and a hot glue gun.

  1. Paint frame. Let it dry.

  2. While paint dries, trim roses (or other flowers--big blooms work best) to the base of the bloom.

  3. Using a hot glue gun, glue roses (or other flowers) to the frame, one side at a time. Create a rose of flowers as you go. Once finished all sides, look for any spaces and fill in with leftover flowers.

Seating Cards / Favors

Seating Cards / Favors

A demur bouquet doubles as both seat card and take-home favor.

For this project you will need: Tiny vases or julep cups, flowers, floral foam, black velvet rippon, paint pen (to match vase color), hot glue gun.

  1. Soak floral foam and cut to fit in a vase. Set in vase.

  2. Arrange flowers, being sure to pay attention to front and back or arrangement so it looks just as nice when facing into arrangement or if across from it.

  3. Using a paint pen, write a guest name centered on ribbon.

  4. Affix ribbon around vase, securing neatly with a dollop of hot glue with glue gun.

Love-ly Ice Cream Shake

Love-ly Ice Cream Shake

Another dessert detail takes only ice cream, berries and some very good timing.

You will need: Champagne flutes, strawberry ice cream, raspberries, Italian Berry soda, striped straws, and a few hot pink rose petals.

  1. As soon as guests are ready for dessert, start serving this up.

  2. Scoop strawberry ice cream into round mounds to fill the bottom of a tall glass. Add a layer of raspberries. Top with more ice cream that reaches above the glass rim.

  3. Pour over with Italian Berry Soda.

  4. Garnish with more raspberries.

  5. Tuck one hot pink rose petal under a raspberry and garnish with striped straw.