The Meaning of Flowers — February

By Peyton Nebens


With the beginning of the new year well underway, meaningful moments continue to abound. Whether it’s maintaining resolutions, tending to tasks in the warmth indoors or celebrating love on the path to Valentine’s Day. Consider the symbolism in the flowers you choose when making your way through February, they do represent the language of love after all.

Our February arrangement, steeped with apropos messaging, takes the perfect place at your entryway or tablescape and makes a perfect gift to send the message of love to others. In it, versatile rich colored roses, spray roses and ranunculus cuddle around unexpected leafy ornamental kale—the rich hue of this green dancing around the deep toned flowers—each rich and soft and indicative of the February Suede moniker. As with the line of Bouquet Box arrangement before it, the flowers, their colors and their symbolisms continue to pay homage to the rich history and meaning of flowers and the language they created. While our fall and holiday flowers were indicative of the energy and spirit of the end of year moments, our late winter designs are in keeping with the feelings of the days set to roll out before us.

Our February arrangement sets the stage for the exuberance and happiness of love. As we continue to embrace winter and family and friends, picture this spectacular arrangement as the graceful centerpiece at your Valentine’s table (or as a gift to your hostess) — or a Bouquet Box experience as a fun and festive activity for a Galentine’s get together.

HOT PINK ROSE gratitude
HOT PINK SPRAY ROSE appreciation

*Please note that due to farm and weather conditions, there may be some substitutions with flowers colors necessary.