The Meaning of Flowers - January

As the holidays anchor the end of another year, January flaunts the new beginnings and endless possibilities that stretch ahead. We continue to celebrate all the firsts that are before us, embracing the promises with wide-eyed anticipation of what’s to come. The new year is the calendar’s excuse if not permission to contemplate change, embrace the unfamiliar, move forward freely, while infusing memories of the past that might take on fresh meaning.

This same amazing mix of celebrating opportunity from a new and unique perspective is clear in our January Organza arrangement (view all of our currently available arrangements here). Tiers of white and cream roses and anemones huddle together to form a diaphanous cloud that seemingly floats above a bed of willow eucalyptus greens, padding its charming and overarching form.

As the shades and forms of these petals blend seamlessly, so do their meanings that herald the new year with innocence, purity and thoughtfulness, while working in tandem to remember the past. Previous posts have gone into depth of the rich history of the meaning of flowers, the language it created and its strong symbolism. Our recent arrangements gave way to fall, winter and the holidays and the energy and celebration that comes with it all.

In January, the flowers project a different type of celebration, with a wide eyed eagerness of what we will take on this year. The monochromatic on-trend arrangement is one of our best-sellers already. Get yours before it sells out.

WHITE ROSE innocence and purity
CREAM ROSE charm and thoughtfulness
RUFFLED WHITE ROSE innocence and purity
LIMONIUM remembrance