Glitter Wedding Detail

Glitter is the ultimate decorating detail, at once conjuring up romance, fantasy and glamour. All reasons it’s one of Bouquet Box founder and lifestyles expert Courtney Sixx’s favorite ways to embellish wedding elements, especially around the holidays, from flowers to food, signage, stemware and more. The best news is that it’s a simple, inexpensive and quick way to infuse a bit of shimmer to your day—whether it’s all out or a subtle feature—it can match any color scheme and can add festive sparkle rivaled only by a bride’s natural glow.

Rose All Day

Rose all day

Mark glasses filled with rosé wine with a base of rose-colored glitter. Set them on a bar with a sign that reads: Rose all Day. To create, use painter’s tape to cover stem of wineglass and to create a straight line just above where base and stem meet. Spray base with 3M Tacky Glue, then dust with rose colored glitter. Shake off excess and remove tape.

Sparkler Show


Shower the just-married couple with sparklers rather than rice or send them off with a dazzling display. Sparklers are like glitter in motion—and even more glitter detail added to the display goes a long way. Glitter the right and left edges of printed sparkler message cards that are attached to sparklers by “drawing” on all-purpose glue with the bottle spout, then dusting silver glitter; let dry then shake off excess. Glue and glitter the top of an oversized box of matches and set next to sparklers arranged in a metal vessel.

Sparkly Sign

Sparkler Sign

Create a sign for young (or canine) ring bearers to carry (or wear) down the aisle. Stain a pre-cut piece of decoratively shaped wood. Make a wide border of all-purpose glue around the wood edges, then dust with gold glitter. Let dry and shake off the excess. Trim flowers to their bases, then hot glue along the top border. Using ¼-inch blue grosgrain ribbon, hot glue 12-inch strips to the backside of bottom edge; trim to slightly varying lengths. Use all-purpose glue to write “Here Comes the Bride”and dust with blue glitter. Let dry and shake off excess. If making a ribbon holder for a canine bearer, cut a length of ribbon long enough to fit over the dog’s neck and so that board rests just at chest level; hot glue ribbon ends to back side of wood to create loop.

Gold Flecked Branches


Let branches be the stunning base of a floral centerpiece set at the place card table. Purchase branches at a florist shop or center that are set in a wood box. Using gold spray paint, spray the branches and box. Let dry, spray with 3M Tacky Glue and then dust gold glitter over the branches from the top down. Trim stems at base of about 15 or 20 white and champagne flowers and a few strands of berries and hot glue them in small clusters along branches. . Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside the wood box; make a tight arrangement with more flowers to “bloom” from the box.

Striking Shoes


Go subtle with a surprise glitter strip at the base of your wedding heels. Guests will get a little peek as you are walking down the aisle and literally kicking your heels up on the dance floor. Use all-purpose glue to “draw” pattern on to shoe bottom—whether covering completely, drawing a heart, or the words “I Do.” Dust the bottom of the shoe with glitter then let dry and shake off excess. Be sure to let shoe dry upside down so glue stays in place.


3M Tacky Glue, all-purpose glue, ribbon, wood sign, craft glitter and cardstock all available at Michael’s.

Frame and wine glasses available at Home Goods.

Wood board and stain available at Home Depot.