The first ever DIY floral arranging subscription box!

Beyond The Box

Oh how we love an autumn wedding. The weather, the lighting, the smell in the air is just right. And so is the array of flowers that can be put to work.
Flower crowns are at once fashion statements and festive accessories. They are also a quintessential DIY project to do for yourself, with friends, with little ones or for others. What kind of engagement is respectable to wear a flower crown? There are no royal rules here—wear one to a dinner party, to a beach date, at a concert or, of course, during spring festival season—you’ve got almost a year to practice for that!
Her bouquet is perhaps a bride’s most contemplated accessory—after all, she will be walking down the aisle with it, posing for photos with it, complementing it with bridesmaids’ flowers and tossing it in a much anticipated and watched moment. So it has to be absolutely special. And it’s not just the flowers that matter. They, of course, are of utmost importance, but equally impactful is the shape of the bouquet.
Maybe it’s a micro-wedding you’re planning—perhaps the most significant nuptial trend of the times. Still, even with its diminutive size, there is much to do. In fact, to-do lists do not shrink in proportion to the size of the event. Quite the opposite. There remain tasks to tick off, plans to solidify, numbers to know and more.