Wedding Flower Checklist

Maybe it’s a micro-wedding you’re planning—perhaps the most significant nuptial trend of the times. Still, even with its diminutive size, there is much to do. In fact, to-do lists do not shrink in proportion to the size of the event. Quite the opposite. There remain tasks to tick off, plans to solidify, numbers to know and more.

Using an organizer and syncing checklists, complete with key dates and budgets, is essential. One very important checklist to start early on is the wedding flower checklist. Determining the right flowers for your event takes planning, creativity, coordination and proper timing. Think ahead to all the details where flowers may come into play—beyond the all-necessary bouquets and centerpieces.

1. Bouquets

For the bride and her bridesmaids for starters. The bride’s bouquet can be a more significant replica of her bridesmaids’ flowers or one that matches in color or flowers and is more distinct in design. The bridesmaids’ might not take any clue from the bride’s arrangement and simply match their dress in color or be a diminutive and subtle nosegay.

Often mothers of the bride and groom carry bouquets as do the flower girls who in lieu of a basket of petals, walk down the aisle grasping a tiny posy.

2. Boutonnieres

These tiny pieces are meant for the lapel of the groom, his groomsmen and the fathers and grandfathers of the happy couple. The ring bearer traditionally has one pinned on as well.

3. Corsages

These wristlets are ideal for the flower girls, mothers of the couple and grandmothers as well.

4. Flower Crowns

Flower girls look dreamy in these, as do bridesmaids. Even a bride can look boho chic with a tiny veil attached. Flowers woven into styled hair is another alternative—for a bride, bridesmaids and flower girls.

5. Ceremony details

Don’t forget ceremony flowers, and not just those that sit on the pulpit for a house of worship. There are aisle markers, decor for chair backs to distinguish family-only seating, flowers for the chuppah in traditional Jewish ceremonies, those on archways at the altar and at the end of the aisle, an arrangement on the program table, the flower girls basket (and petals to fill it) and more. For backyard or garden weddings, flowers add flourish to a sign that directs guests that the ceremony will take place “that way.”

6. Centerpieces

These arrangements set the tone for the entire tablescape, even the reception space. These can be elaborate or simple, paired with candles, fruits or other distinctive details. Centerpieces can be a DIY project for a bride and her family or her bridesmaids (perfect to spend quality time and to calm nerves).

7. Reception Details

In addition to centerpieces, flowers charm other reception details. There are a plethora of ideas that we share here: bar signs, guest books or other for-the-couple messaging, chair backs, place settings, garlands, disposable camera sleeves and more!

8. Restroom

No space should be undecorated, including the restroom. So next to a guest vanity/emergency kit should be a beautiful arrangement.

9. Hotel

Show appreciation to guests who have traveled to share your special with a beautiful arrangement waiting for them in the hotel. Have your florist deliver one, put together one yourself or let them enjoy the activity upon arrival.

10. Food/Cake

Flowers up the romance on a wedding cake. They also add the sweetest touch to cookies and pastries set at a table. Even drinks and serving trays get kicked up a notch when laden with a few petals. Look for edible flowers at specialty grocery stores or online at sites like