The Meaning of Flowers (April)

One way to think of flowers to bring into your home or send as a gift and a way we often consider blooms is to pay attention to their meanings. As we have written before, flowers have a long history of beautiful, purposeful messaging that still, at some level, holds true today.

Our April arrangement, which was inspired by the design Mark’s Garden created for the entrance arch at a celebrity wedding, is the perfect shout out to spring with all its bright colors and fun textures. The colors combine to tell an enchanting story with delicate hydrangeas and spunky dianthus woven among a variety of roses seemingly painted in the season’s palette.

Each of the roses and many of the other flowers that unite in this bouquet speak to the cold wrap of winter being set free and the resulting sparkle that is ushered in with longer days and warmer nights. A love of nature and beauty of bounty as well as the sense of adventure that spring brings is also at play in the silent language of these blooms. There is definitely plenty to be said for our Dream Boat arrangement—but we do understand if you just want to sit back and enjoy it.

PINK TIPPED ROSE freedom and love
LAVENDER ROSE enchantment
COOL WATER/BROWN ROSE fresh and energizing
GREEN HYDRANGEA heartfelt emotions
DIANTHUS no special meaning—just such a perfect addition!