Spring Fling

Recently, as winter’s final breaths faded away and we welcomed the gentle climb into spring, birds began to sing, moods lifted and, our absolute favorite—blossoms began to appear.

This change of seasons is nothing short of magical and the trick is to embrace every moment this time of year has to offer. Relish the old and the new. Revisit regular and obligatory to-dos but like spring renewal, think of them in unexpected ways too.

Spring Clean
Clean up, clear out, rethink. Consider what can be donated, passed down, or upcycled by repurposing something old into something new and useful.

Pare down in closets, storage spots, work spaces with the idea to transform teetering piles into complacent and compartmentalized areas. Consider unused or old containers, like drinking glasses, as on-trend vessels to display supplies. Rethink wall space to hang larger items that don’t need to clutter floor space.

Check out what’s made it through the winter and where you can fill in holes. When planning what to plant, be sure to include some new varieties and colors into the mix.

Menu Plan
While ingredients are available on a global level much of the year, there is still the thrill (and the absolute best taste) of cooking or baking with ingredients meant for the season. Visit farmers’ markets and specialty stores that stay true to timely availability. When planning just what to make, think about refreshing dishes paired with hardy ones that can be the start of an al fresco dining season.

Rethink the mood of a room to keep in sync with the season with a few quick changes. Reposition a sofa on an opposite wall with a view to the outside. Switch out pillows and throws, add new photos to frames, and mix up coffee table book selections. And, of course, add fresh flowers in pastels or bright spring colors.

For our spring arrangements, our designs definitely kept the season in mind. Whether we included bright spring hues or softer pastels or a delightful mix. They all make us well aware that spring has definitely sprung!