Ideas to celebrate mom this day and all year long.

Make Mother's Day Meaningful

Like so many moments and occasions this year (and last), Mother’s Day is looking a little different. Yet we still want to take the day to pause and pay homage to those women in our lives who have nurtured and cared for us, been someone we can look up to, admire and model our own lives after, someone whose love is unconditional.

This superwoman might be your own mom, a grandmother, an aunt, sister or a dear friend—the same women who have been celebrated for centuries in some form or another for being mom.

Greeks and ancient Europeans used to gift flowers or other tokens to acknowledge mom. There are a few more recent precedents to modern day Mother’s Day—like mothers clubs and those calling for unity in world peace during war times. In 1908, a woman named Anna Jarvis petitioned for a national Mother’s Day in memory of her beloved mother and in 1912 President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May to be the day to celebrate moms in the United States.

If you are lucky enough to be together this year, there are so many ways to share the time—with a celebratory brunch, a signature drink, a slide show of family images, a playlist of mom’s favorite songs, calls with loved ones who couldn’t be there and more. Think about what makes the special moms in your life happy and cater to them.

If you can’t be together, as many still cannot, the day can be equally special—especially with Zoom events being so commonplace. Have that brunch, make that toast, open gifts (sent in advance) over a video call, or plan an activity to do together.

Whether in person or over Zoom, flowers are always a way to bring energy, beauty and light to the occasion and something fun to fawn over. It may be a bouquet you bring filled with mom’s favorite flowers, ones you’ve grown from your garden or just some blossoms that caught your eye that you decide together where to set up.

Or, even long after the sun has set on Mother’s Day, take it one step further with Bouquet Box and spend time every month together trimming, stripping and arranging our curated bouquets that are easy to do yourself and together, whether side-by-side or visiting over video across the country. Think of it as the Mother’s Day gift that lasts all year long—because mom never stops being a mother and isn’t it fun to show how much you appreciate her every day?

Whatever your plans, wishing you and all the moms in your life a special, glorious and sweet Mother’s Day.