Flowers Feel Good

Whether your DIY endeavors are for home decor, gifts, the garden or other, fashioning these projects are not only good for your creative soul but also for your overall health and wellness. Throw flowers into the mix and the benefits to your mind and body are exponential.

An Ivy League study found that those who DIY have an overall increased satisfaction and surge in quality of life. DIY in general is proven to correlate with relaxation—as long as there is no tendency to stress that all the details are just so—and the meditative effects can ultimately lead to deep concentration and increased awareness. This path may also lead to lower blood pressure, calmed respiration and slower heart rates.

Not to mention the pride and elation that comes from seeing the resulting creation. As a break from the same old rhythm of everyday life, DIY activities are productive and creative, evoking joyous and less stressful emotions.

DIY-ing with flowers takes it to the next level. Flowers are more than pretty petals to play with. As author Hans Christian Anderson once said, "Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."

These stylish gifts from nature infuse joy to a space by increasing happiness, reducing depression and anxiety to pumping people with energy boosts through the day. Set out flowers in your entry hall or on a dining table when entertaining to capitalize on the fact that flowers conjure welcomed feelings in others.

The moniker “Vitamin F” has been attributed to flowers as a nod to the positive influence they bring to body and soul. It has to do as much with your favorite flowers as with their color. Neutral and soft hues are relaxing and perfect for the bedroom. Energy for a kitchen or family room means bright colors.

When Courtney was invited to share Bouquet Box on The Doctors tv show (see the airing here), we were excited to share all of the health and wellness benefits of flowers and DIY—and how we have come up with creative solutions so simple for anyone to do. Check out our shop page to pick the colors, flowers, designs that speak to you—either if it’s a one time DIY or you want to feel equally happy and stress-free all year long.

Wishing you good health and happiness!