What’s marching in our Rose Parade arrangement

The Meaning of Flowers - May

With a plethora of spring blooms to create arrangements with, it’s sometimes hard to decide which to use. Consider going beyond the color, variety and fragrance alone—and infuse a little meaning into your bouquets.

Previous posts have given a nod to the rich history of the meaning of flowers and the symbolism and heartfelt rhetoric that goes along with it. Both our March and April arrangements spoke to celebrating spring and all of its awakening, energy and enchantment. Our May Rose Parade bouquet is more personal, meant to celebrate mom for Mother’s Day and every day. The selections of blooms are also perfectly in sync with the season and each other, with the roses and hydrangeas bearing their soft whites and pinks beautifully.

It’s no wonder this arrangement has been one of our most popular—it looks and feels just right as it sends the most special of messages.

LIGHT PINK ROSE admiration
PINK SPRAY ROSE joy and gratitude
ESPERANZA ROSE grace and elegance
WHITE HYDRANGEA heartfelt emotions