The Meaning of Flowers - June

As June teeters between spring and summer, so does its resulting often off-kilter personality. It dances around specifics in style, entertaining, amusement and more—while we play the silly little game, relishing in what both sides have to offer.

This same wonderful mix of identity is evident in our June arrangement, where the light green roses and evoke an early morning meadow while bi-color pale green and white roses, white roses and lisianthus frolic in their midst, punctuated by dots of wax flowers beckoning summer to stretch over and gather them right in.

Equal to the blending of the flowers is their meanings—so different yet in sync when working together. Previous posts have gone into depth of the rich history in the meaning of flowers, the language it created and its strong symbolism. Our earlier arrangements gave way to spring and the energy and awakening that comes with it. Our Meaningful Blooms encouraged inner beauty and creativity, our May arrangement celebrated mothers every day.

For June, the flowers make us feel renewed while also thankful as we anticipate what is to come. The minimal chic arrangement is subtle in its display and totally of-the-moment—one of our best-sellers yet and on the way to selling out so be sure to order yours soon!

GREEN ROSE rejuvenation
WAX FLOWERS luck/success