Tips for a Festive St. Patrick’s Day Arrangement

By Peyton Nebens

Tips for a Festive St. Patrick’s Day Arrangement

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day” conjures up images of dancing leprechauns, good luck charms, and green, lots and lots of green. While we incorporate this festive color in our clothes, accessories, and our decor, we also give it prominence in our floral arrangements too. Because green with florals? We can work with that.

Whether you’re inviting others to join in a party planned at your home or have been asked to partake in celebrations elsewhere, we say flowers are always a good idea. To set in your entry, your tablescape, even the powder room or to bring along as a hostess gift. We have just the tips to make them profoundly and perfectly green—as befitting the holiday.

  1. Start with a foundation of white or white and green flowers, whether roses, dahlias, lilies or other favorites. And then add greenery, layers of greenery from bunches of ruscus and dusty miller to taller stalks of grasses and bells of Ireland (fitting) to lush tropical branches of Monstera and ti leaves.

  2. Use one of Courtney’s favorite tips by adding green fruits and vegetables to any flower arrangement. Poke a piece of fruit or a vegetable—like mini or regular green apples, artichokes or limes—with a wood barbecue skewer and then place the skewer into the arrangement. Do with 3 to 4 pieces of fruit, depending on your arrangement size.

  3. Up for a fun project? Get in touch with your inner DIYer and make some green wax flowers. Check out how we like to do it here

  4. Lastly, intertwine green simply by employing a green vase as the vessel. If you’ve only got clear, pick up a couple of ti leaves and line the edges: trim the stem of the leaf then create a circle with the leaf; place it in the vase so it hugs the inside edges, facing out. Repeat with a second ti leaf to fully cover the sides if necessary.