From flower gift boxes to Champagne flutes, here’s a few decorating ideas to make the holidays shine

The holiday season seems to take on its own kind of sparkle—no matter what you’re celebrating—so it makes perfect sense to get into the spirit by adding your own shimmer to your decorating, entertaining and flower arranging. Courtney Sixx knows a thing or two about getting your bling on (glitter comes a close second to flowers in her mind!)—and here she shares some simple ways (with flowers and without) to bring sparkle to your season’s greetings.

Glittered Gift
Glittered Gift

Dress up any gift box—inside and out.

  1. Spray paint a brown or other plain box and top in gold.
  2. Using painter’s tape, section off three “stripes” on the box top and along the smaller side edges. Be sure that part not to be glittered is completely covered in tape.
  3. Spray tacky glue over exposed box top areas; sprinkle with super fine hot pink glitter and let dry.
  4. Trim stems of one pink and one red rose (can use more if you like) to just at the flower base. Blow into center of bloom to open slightly and then gently tug back petals to open more.
  5. Spray petals gingerly (to try to get close to tips) with tacky glue; and sprinkle with gold glitter. Set aside.
  6. Use a 3-inch wide rose gold ribbon to tie box and create a bow.
  7. Using hot-glue gun, glue roses on to bow, just at center where knot is tied.

All supplies available at Michael’s

Ornament Wreath
Ornament Wreath

Without the standard Christmas colors, a gold and silvery wreath can make a statement from Thanksgiving through New Year’s with a nod to all those other holidays in between. Hang it on an interior or exterior door, a mantle or use on a tabletop surface as a surround for a Champagne bucket or floral arrangement.

  1. Start with a foam wreath form. Spray all over using gold spray paint.
  2. Using different ornaments, some shiny, some glittered, and a hot glue gun, start gluing ornaments butted next to each other around the outer edge of form, covering the foam as much as possible as you go. You can use same or varying size ornaments.
  3. Continue adding varying ornaments working your way to the inside of the form.
  4. Once form is covered, glue another staggered layer of ornaments over the first, filling in holes and spaces as you go.
  5. Hang by looping a gold or silver ribbon through and tying to surface or fastening to a hook.

Wreath form and ornaments available at Michael’s

Champagne Cheer
Champagne Cheer

Champagne tastes even more festive when you drink it from a decked out flute.

  1. Use painter’s tape to mark off design on outside of glass, being sure to completely cover the part of the glass to remain unadorned (do not spray inside).
  2. Spray paint the outside of flute in gold and let dry.
  3. Spray outside of flute with tacky spray and then cover in gold glitter and let dry.

Champagne flutes from; supplies from Michael’s