The Meaning of Flowers - November

With the heralding of the holiday season, meaningful moments abound. Whether it’s fawning over decor and meal plans, unpacking cherished memories that cast their annual festive glow or prepping details in anticipation for new memories to be made. So too can special symbolisms be part of the flowers that light up your home this time of year.

This November arrangement, steeped with apropos messaging takes the perfect place at any entryway or tablescape. In it, versatile late autumn hued roses at once create a modern chic dome while mingling easily with hydrangeas to create a picture reflected in the arrangement’s Rustic Charm name. As the line of Bouquet Box arrangement before it, the flowers, their colors and their symbolisms continue to pay homage to the rich history and meaning of flowers and the language of flowers they created. While our spring and summer flowers were indicative of the energy and spirit that fills many of our longer and warmer days and our fall bouquet welcomed naturally welcomed in change in keeping with the cadence of our calendar,

Our November arrangement sets the stage for the warmth of family, the passion for tradition, heartfelt emotion and the desire to be surrounded by friends and family. As we welcome in the holidays and our loved ones, picture this spectacular arrangement as the graceful centerpiece at your Thanksgiving table (or as a gift to your hostess) — and know that it is almost sold out (try to order yours soon as this design is only available until November 6th at 8pm PST).

DEEP ROSE passion
BROWN ROSE warmth and stability
ANTIQUE HYDRANGEA heartfelt emotions
LIGHT PINK ROSE unconditional love

*Please note that due to farm conditions and Covid 19 limitations, there may be some substitutions with flowers colors necessary.