The Meaning of Flowers - October

As we recently kissed summer goodbye, the occasional brush of her warm breeze may linger but the autumn landscape has taken hold. Green leaves are restyling into golds, reds and oranges soon to dangle before fluttering from their branches’ grasp. Flowers also speak to the fall season, with a plethora of vibrant hues that put us in the mood for shorter days, cooler nights, warm drinks and festive holidays that beckon.

This mood staking claim is evident in our October arrangement. Here a medley of bi-color roses mixes seamlessly with rich orange spray roses, orange calla lilies and spikes or reddish brown protea safari stalks. The bouquet is unquestionably fall and perfect for any room to set the autumn mood. And, like all of our arrangements before, the combination of flowers is as perfect as their meanings. We continue to explore the depth of the rich history in the meaning of flowers, the language it created and its strong symbolism for each of our bouquets. Our earlier arrangements have noted spring and its emblematic energy while summer bouquets spirited in the empathic joy of summer.

In our October arrangement, the flowers encourage us to explore and be fascinated with the changes all around us. As our environment shifts to the next season, it does so with an enduring grace and elegance that distinguishes it from the others, stylishly and with a conviction that only nature can own. This rich hued arrangement, dotted with texture, makes a stunning statement that is almost sold out (try to order yours soon as this design is only available until October 6th at 8pm PST).

BI-COLOR ROSE fascination
PROTEA SAFARI change and transformation
ORANGE CALLA LILY elegance and confidence