The Meaning of Flowers — April

“Happy Spring” we say gleefully, and not just because the weather is a little warmer, the breeze a little lighter, the sun a little stronger. Certainly that all feels good, but have you noticed the flowers are a tad brighter, sprightlier, and happier? We have! And while we think each season brings its own glorious players to the floral stage, there is just something about early spring flowers that beckon the grace of what’s to come.

Even though we have shared the symbolic meaning of flowers many times here and more generally here already, we are particularly fond of the possibilities that April and early spring blooms convey. By definition, spring celebrates new beginnings, rebirth, the innocence of the new and unknown, and the giddy anticipation and appreciation of the splendor that is just dipping its toe out before the big reveal.

Whether celebrating the season or a holiday, like Easter or Passover, each of these elements is entwined in spring and its lore and our April arrangement conveys those notes subtly in a design worthy of its name, Fantasy.

So whether you are awaiting your holiday Bouquet Box or eagerly awaiting its arrival in the next few weeks, enjoy learning about the deeper message of this whimsical design. And if you haven’t ordered yours yet, orders for our April design need to be placed by April 6th at 8pm PST.

What’s your favorite spring flower?

PURPLE HYDRANGEA heartfelt emotion
LAVENDER ROSE splendor, majesty
PINK GARDEN ROSE gratitude, appreciation
PINK ROSE innocence