The first ever DIY floral arranging subscription box!

Beyond The Box

The months and weeks before a new baby’s arrival are brimming with excitement and emotion. Not to mention details to be tended to and celebrations to be planned. Whether it’s a baby shower, a baby reveal, a baby naming or other party, flowers are typically a key—and in our opinion the most fun!—part of the decorating scheme.
In the throes of summer, yellow flowers make sense. After all, they are the color of sunshine and bring warmth to any arrangement. Like we said, they work for the season. And they blend beautifully with a plethora of other colors, like oranges and whites to name a few, to create displays that are upbeat and happy, which is another nod to summer when the warm weather and sunshine naturally makes people feel good.
With the warm weather in full swing and with mingling on our to-do lists again, it’s time to start thinking about summer entertaining. July 4th is the perfect setting to invite friends and family and to get back to celebrating like we used to. In addition to invitations, menus and entertainment, you’ll want to start thinking about decor, including floral arrangements. Looking at the meaning of flowers, rather than just the color, can make a more sincere result befitting the day. Here are just a few of our favorites.
Long-lasting flowers are some of our favorite things, but sometimes good things must come to an end. But maybe not quite so soon. Waxing flowers is a perfect way to preserve these beautiful petals to make them last a little bit longer (up to a week) and is also a fun project to take on.
Roses really are one of nature’s miracles. They are at once beautiful, regal, supple, strong—just overall magnificent. They stand alone and play well with others: A single rose makes a statement. A grouping of a dozen is notably romantic. A larger display is statement making.
Her bouquet is perhaps a bride’s most contemplated accessory—after all, she will be walking down the aisle with it, posing for photos with it, complementing it with bridesmaids’ flowers and tossing it in a much anticipated and watched moment. So it has to be absolutely special. And it’s not just the flowers that matter. They, of course, are of utmost importance, but equally impactful is the shape of the bouquet.
As June teeters between spring and summer, so does its resulting often off-kilter personality. It dances around specifics in style, entertaining, amusement and more—while we play the silly little game, relishing in what both sides have to offer.
Up your gift-giving factor with wrapping that’s worthy of the thoughtful contents inside. This simple DIY adds a floral touch that transforms store bought paper and ribbon and almost makes the packaging look too good to open—almost.
The most fundamental step in flower arranging is to hydrate fresh cut flowers as soon as possible. However basic this act, when left up to interpretation, it can go very wrong.