The first ever DIY floral arranging subscription box!

Beyond The Box

As June teeters between spring and summer, so does its resulting often off-kilter personality. It dances around specifics in style, entertaining, amusement and more—while we play the silly little game, relishing in what both sides have to offer.
Up your gift-giving factor with wrapping that’s worthy of the thoughtful contents inside. This simple DIY adds a floral touch that transforms store bought paper and ribbon and almost makes the packaging look too good to open—almost.
The most fundamental step in flower arranging is to hydrate fresh cut flowers as soon as possible. However basic this act, when left up to interpretation, it can go very wrong.
The most spectacular floral arrangements might look good enough to eat, but you would never, of course. Yet there are equally beautiful blooms that are specifically produced to do just that—to be ground down and used as ingredients, like added to flour for breads, or as garnish for foods or signature drinks. Yum on the tastebuds and the eyes!
With a plethora of spring blooms to create arrangements with, it’s sometimes hard to decide which to use. Consider going beyond the color, variety and fragrance alone—and infuse a little meaning into your bouquets.
Whether your DIY endeavors are for home decor, gifts, the garden or other, fashioning these projects are not only good for your creative soul but also for your overall health and wellness. Throw flowers into the mix and the benefits to your mind and body are exponential.
Like so many moments and occasions this year (and last), Mother’s Day is looking a little different. Yet we still want to take the day to pause and pay homage to those women in our lives who have nurtured and cared for us, been someone we can look up to, admire and model our own lives after, someone whose love is unconditional.
Recently, as winter’s final breaths faded away and we welcomed the gentle climb into spring, birds began to sing, moods lifted and, our absolute favorite—blossoms began to appear.
One way to think of flowers to bring into your home or send as a gift and a way we often consider blooms is to pay attention to their meanings. As we have written before, flowers have a long history of beautiful, purposeful messaging that still, at some level, holds true today.