Like yoga, but with fresh blooms

The Practice of Flower Arranging

From Zoom meetings to planning family menus to girls night out (in person or virtual), your days, your weeks, your months sail away with little to no me-time in the mix. Good thing that August is tagged as national wellness month to kick into gear getting all-so-important self-care on the agenda.

Maybe it’s a spa service (in spa or at home). Or carved out moments to enjoy the long-last art of reading a book (while sipping some wine, of course). Then there’s taking some time to take on a DIY project. Certainly the result will be amazing, but don’t underestimate the act of DIY, proven to lower anxiety and stress and increase self-confidence.

In fact, just as the practice of yoga and meditation trace their roots back thousands of years, the practice of flower arranging has been around for centuries. Known as Ikebana in Japan, this practice is a combination of artistry, respect to faith and dignified accomplishment. Most notably, however, Ikebana is known to lead a person to become more calm and tolerant. Flower arranging is also considered to relax the mind, body and soul. Plus, the results are spectacular arrangements for your space that will surely have the same positive effect whenever they’re in site.

So grab a favorite vase and trim some flowers from your garden, grab some at the supermarket or farmer’s market, or subscribe to Bouquet Box and receive our monthly curated farm-fresh blooms (not to mention the Welcome Box with professional tools and vase with grid lid) with how-to arrange instructions. These deliveries will not only be regular refreshes for your home, but also a monthly reminder to take some time for yourself.

Happy Wellness month to you—and welcome to your new wellness routine.