The Meaning of Flowers - August

Everywhere you look—from fields, to yards, to urban gardens—flowers are in their full and brightest displays. It’s summer, after all, and like the rest of us, they have come out to play. The choices of what to trim from the garden or focus on at the floral market seem almost limitless and make for a very tough (but ultimately fun!) decision.

Rather than fretting over flower choices, make a checklist to help narrow down the selection. Consider the flower types and colors that work best for your space or occasion, of course. But also consider what the flowers say—use the traditional language of flowers to elevate your arrangements to make them even more meaningful.

If you scroll through our past posts, you will see that in addition to our range of blooms and petals, our arrangements tap into the symbolism of the history of floral language with our spring bouquets celebrating awakening and energy. For our popular August display, our combination of rose colors and hydrangeas embrace the soft and bright lights of summer, while gently murmuring about appreciating the happiness that summertime brings.

FUCHSIA ROSE appreciation
YELLOW ROSE happiness
GREEN ROSE rejuvenation
WHITE HYDRANGEA heartfelt emotions