The Bouquet Box tool set

Welcome Box Tools

Flower arranging is as scientific as it is artistic—and like any scientist or artist, a budding floral stylist needs an expert set of tools to do the job just right.

Like flowers, tools may come in shapes, sizes and colors, but having the right pieces in play is key: floral shears, a stem stripper and the proper vessel for starters. At Bouquet Box, our Welcome Box provides those and more, including a grid lid for our step-by-step instructions as well as a ruler to assist in measuring stems to the trim size necessary. Here, what they are all for:

  1. Floral Shears

    Good quality floral shears can cut through thin, standard and wider stems (like hydrangeas) with ease. These sharp tools are best left to those at least 10 years old and should always be in the locked position when not in use. In addition to trimming her stems, Courtney reaches for her custom Bouquet Box shears for little jobs around the house—they come in very handy!

  2. Stem Stripper

    This tool is an amazing invention, removing pesky thorns and unwanted leaves from rose and other stems. The Bouquet Box stem stripper is clever in its shape that easily molds into the palm of one’s hand, with tiny “teeth” on the other side that swiftly and smoothly removes thorns and leaves in one swipe from just under the blossom to the stem’s end.

  3. Vase

    The vase for any arrangement should be roomy enough to accommodate the number of stems in a design and small enough to support the arrangement. The Bouquet Box vase is the perfect size for our DIY arrangements, and is fit with a grid lid—simulating the grids floral experts create from floral tape—that provides a “paint by numbers” guide for our floral arranging instructions.

  4. Ruler

    Some designs call for specific measurements (like Bouquet Box designs), while other times it’s just important to trim stems evenly.

And at Bouquet Box, each tool is reusable and we wrap them up in the prettiest silky bag. Presentation is everything!