The Meaning of Flowers - September

As Oscar Wilde not succinctly stated, “And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.”

With the hectic pace of school gearing up again (at last!), offices opening on some level and general lazy days of summer almost in our rear view, we still need to remember to stop and smell the roses—and other flowers.

After all, those blooms might change from pastel hues to rich oranges, reds and pinks and evoke the language that we are ready to be talking now, whether it’s grasping the final days of summer or embracing the new autumn air. We’ve spent many past posts extolling the wonders of the meanings and languages of flowers and the historic folklore they are deeply steeped in, and will continue to do so. Because aside from these pretty petals that we use to match a mood, a theme or an occasion that no doubt elicit oohs and ahhs from admirers, we also honor the mystique that is their significance.

The symbolism of flowers helps us transition from seasons to experiences from moments to circumstances, all the while creating the whisper of a feeling or of a story that we so look forward to telling.

What’s the tale for September? Consider the meaning of the flowers in our Setting Sky arrangement to spin your own story. We would love to hear what you come up with. 

FUCHSIA ROSE appreciation
ORANGE ROSE fascination
ANTIQUE HYDRANGEA heartfelt emotions
RED CARNATION love and affection
RED ANEMONE protection and anticipation

Wishing you a happy end of summer and the beginning of a glorious fall.