Symbolism translates into meaningful arrangements

Best Flowers for Baby Showers

The months and weeks before a new baby’s arrival are brimming with excitement and emotion. Not to mention details to be tended to and celebrations to be planned. Whether it’s a baby shower, a baby reveal, a baby naming or other party, flowers are typically a key—and in our opinion the most fun!—part of the decorating scheme.

When choosing a floral design, some parents go with traditional pink (girl) and blue (boy). Others who choose to keep it a secret from themselves or others or stay gender neutral stick to whites and creams, green and yellow. The results are endless and magnificent for sure. But building bouquets strictly on color is not the only way to go.

As we are always keen to mention, one of the most spectacular elements of flowers—aside from their petals, shapes, sizes and colors—is the magic of their language. The symbolism that has been attributed to these blossoms for centuries adds yet another meaningful layer to the significance of the event.

Then there are flowers that are so sweet and delicate, comforting and graceful that also work well to welcome baby.

While so many flowers have meanings that can be attributed to babies, like beauty, strength, honor and more, there are also those that are a bit more literal, with ties to new beginnings and rebirth, purity and innocence. Let them stand alone or pair them together—create a message that is significant and a wonderful foundation with which to start a brand new life.

WHITE ROSES The plethora of rose shades is tempting to choose from, but the white varieties are steeped in babyness--standing for purity and new life. Pair them with pastels—other roses or hydrangeas—for an arrangement evocative of the sweetest lullaby.

PEONIES Bring baby into this world with a wish for honor, prosperity and compassion. The soft, cloud-like blossom can stand alone or be paired with other full bloomed flowers like roses or delicate stems like spray roses.

CALLA LILY This graceful flower stands for purity and not surprisingly elegance. A grouping of these tall blooms in an array of color or all white is picture perfect.

DAISIES For a whimsical or more casual celebration, daisies are a perfect choice. The flower symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings—and with it’s green and yellow coloring, keeps the gender securely underwraps.

HYDRANGEAS It’s no wonder this lush flower symbolizes abundance—some even consider the multi-petaled bloom to signify hope for the future. Any color hydrangea can be paired with a plethora of other beautiful flowers like roses, calla lilies or anemones, to name a few.

DAFFODILS Daffodils seem to toast to new beginnings, as their meaning suggests. The traditional yellow is a vibrant one plus the perfect choice for parents to make a splash, but one that’s gender neutral.