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Tips and Tricks — Opening Roses

Roses really are one of nature’s miracles. They are at once beautiful, regal, supple, strong—just overall magnificent. They stand alone and play well with others: A single rose makes a statement. A grouping of a dozen is notably romantic. A larger display is statement making.

So how is it that we think they can be even more beautiful? With a special and easy-to-do trick, roses can look even more spectacular when manually opened up to double the size of the bloom and mixed in with rose blossoms about to bloom or even other flowers.

How to open a rose

  1. Hold a single rose by the stem. Blow into the center of the blossom to separate the petals slightly.

  2. Then, starting at the outer layer, gently peel back petals while rotating the bloom as you work.

  3. Continue, peeling back three to four layers of petals.

  4. Blow on flower center again and using your thumb and forefinger, gently push the intact petals in center slightly apart. You can also run finger around the center of bloom to push petals slightly apart.

  5. For arranging, open a few roses at first to see how you like them in the display. Open more as you desire. You can open just a few, half, or all.