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Centerpiece Tips from Courtney Sixx
Courtney Sixx shares her favorite technique to jazz up flower arrangements with pops of citrus (plus more fruits and veggies)!


Using fruits and flowers make decorating details worthy of masters painting—created by Bouquet Box founder and lifestyles expert Courtney Sixx

Fruits and Leaves

Ruby red grapefruits and limes pop perfectly from a bevy of rich green leaves. The portrait of this elegant arrangement proves that sometimes, there are no flowers necessary.

  1. Choose a tall footed vessel. Soak two half aquafoam spheres in cold water. Place on top of the vessel, this will be the base of the arrangement.
  2. Insert 3 to 5 large wood barbeque skewers into the top center of the foam cylinder to keep the two foam pieces secure.
  3. Slice a few of the grapefruits in half.
  4. Trim the skewers to size that works well with floral stems and container heights, spear fruits through center end to end, being sure tip of skewer does not protrude from end being displayed. Stick other end into floral foam to secure.
  5. Arrange grapefruits (cut and whole) and limes all around sphere, alternating fruits as you go.
  6. Fill in with sprigs of green leaves, poking sprig ends into sphere as you go.

Skewers and foam ball available at Michael’s. Vessel available at Home Goods.

Centerpiece Tip: Fruits and Leaves
Centerpiece Tip: Pop of Yellow
Pop of Yellow

Little bursts of lemons—both whole and halves—brighten up a romantic bouquet of deep reds and pink roses.

  1. Fill large glass vessel with floral foam.
  2. Arrange flowers in floral foam, filling in with greenery (like eucalyptus)
  3. Cut a few lemons in half.
  4. Skewer lemons (halves and whole) on wood barbeque skewers trimmed to length that works well with flowers stems and container height.
  5. Using wide satin ribbon in a complementary color, wrap glass vessel at the bottom, trim and secure with hot glue gun. Repeat trimming, gluing and securing to cover entire vessel. (For this vase, Courtney trimmed and secured four times).

Skewers, ribbon, hot glue gun/hot glue and vessel available at Michael’s.

Roses and Lemons

This bright and festive arrangement is both elegant and whimsical at the same time. Three tiers of cakes stands create the arrangement shape.

  1. Cut floral foam in blocks and place around each tier.
  2. Use wood barbeque skewers to spear lemons through center, end to end.
  3. Arrange lemons and yellow roses by securing to floral foam around each tier.
  4. Place green leaves randomly through arrangement to help define the flowers and fruit and add a note of contrast to the yellow.

Skewers available at Michael’s. Cake Stands available at Home Goods or Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Centerpiece Tip: Roses and Lemons
Centerpiece Tip: Farmers’ Market Table Numbers
Farmers’ Market Table Numbers
  1. Using stencils and craft paint, label each crate on one long side with California or Florida to denote origin of oranges. On one small side, paint on table number.
  2. Fill crate with floral foam.
  3. Using wood barbeque skewers, spear oranges from end to end through center; do not let skewer poke all the way through end of orange that is visible.
  4. Arrange flowers and oranges in crate, making oranges prevalent along box edges and through center.
  5. Tuck peat moss along edge slots and through “holes” in arrangement.

Crates and skewers available at Michael’s.

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