The first ever DIY floral arranging subscription box!

Seasonal Subscription

Subscription Summary

The seasonal selection is the perfect introduction to Bouquet Box and a fabulous way to display your arrangements four times per year, during spring, summer, fall and holiday/winter. Seasonal packages may be ordered at any time. Please note the offer will coincide with the month of the next delivery windows. If the package you would like to order is not on the next order cycle, simply click to be notified when that package is available and we will let you know.

When you order today (Package C), you will receive your seasonal deliveries in December, March, June, September. Your first order will arrive December 22nd or 23rd.

Our classic arrangements, depending on shape and flower variety, average around 4 dozen stems. When you upgrade to deluxe arrangements, expect an additional ½ dozen or more blooms. Please note that each delivery will include one to a few extra stems for you to use if necessary.

What’s Included:

  • Precise number of curated flowers to create featured arrangement
  • *Reusable lucite vase and grid lid
  • *Custom selection of professional tools (shears, stem stripper, ruler)
  • Two-sided informational / how-to instructional photo card
  • QR code / link to exclusive video step-by-step guide

* Your Welcome Box (with reusable vase, grid lid, custom professional tools) will arrive in advance of your flowers. Depending on order date and related delivery date, this could be two weeks ahead. Enjoy and explore its contents while you eagerly anticipate your flowers!

Delivery Dates: 

Flowers ship from our farms in two waves during the month. For seasonal subscriptions, your delivery dates will depend on your order date (once order is placed, you will receive our next scheduled delivery; see link to order / delivery calendar here). Each subsequent subscription delivery will match your initial order date as your subscription will renew on the same day of the month each quarter.

Depending on the date that your order renews, you will receive the next scheduled delivery (please refer to our order / delivery calendar to see our delivery dates). Your delivery date can be changed in your account or by reaching out to or by calling 866.8.BOUQUET. Once delivery changes are made, each delivery thereafter will come according to the newly requested renewal date.

Your credit card will be charged every quarter for this subscription. To make any changes, log in to your store account.

Related Notes:

  • Can cancel at anytime.
  • Want to ship to multiple addresses? Simply make separate orders for each recipient.
  • For insights on how to care for your flowers once they arrive, please visit our FAQ page.
  • All photographs/videos depict Bouquet Box designs. Due to our fresh from the farm product, variations in sizes, shapes, and colors may occur. In addition, mostly due to the global pandemic, floral substitutions may need to be made, but we ensure that the quality and style of flowers will meet those pictured.